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In this section, you will find steps to troubleshoot issues while running the SAP extractor.

Common connectivity issues

Before starting the extraction routines, the SAP extractor performs a connection check to all configured endpoints.


requests.exceptions.ConnectTimeout: HTTPConnectionPool(host=gateway_url, port=port): Max retries exceeded with url: /sap/opu/odata/sap/YOURSERVICE

This error occurs when the SAP extractor can't reach the configured SAP gateway, and the connection ends in a timeout. To solve this error, make sure the extractor can access the SAP OData gateway instance, for instance via the firewall, VPN, and SAP WebDispatcher.

401 Logon Failed

RuntimeError: Could not connect to SAP Gateway https://yourgatewayurl : Status Code 401 Logon failed

This error occurs when the extractor can't authenticate to SAP. Review the client, username, and password configuration parameters.

403 No service found

RuntimeError: Could not connect to SAP Gateway https://yourgatewayurl: Status Code 403 No service found for namespace '', name 'YOURSERVICE', version '0001'

This error occurs when the endpoint configured doesn't exist in SAP. Review the configuration in the endpoints section.

Common data extraction issues

AttributeError: Entityset XXX not defined

AttributeError: EntitySet <yourentityname> not defined in <entityA>,<entityB> ...

This error occurs when the configuration parameter sap_entity for the related endpoint configuration is incorrect. You must use avalid entity name.