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Extractor metrics

This section contains the full list of available metrics from the extractor, grouped by general purpose. For information on the different types of metrics, see the official Prometheus documentation. In general, Counter starts at zero and increases during a run of the extractor, Gauge may change freely, Summary calculates a running average of observations and Histogram contains counts of different measurement sizes, distributed in buckets.

Source system

opcua_versionCounterValue always 0, help string contains version of extractor.
opcua_connectsCounterCounts the number of times the extractor has connected to the OPC UA server.
opcua_connectedGauge1`if the extractor is connected to the server,0` otherwise. Can be used to track extractor connectivity, together with Prometheus heartbeat.
opcua_attribute_requestsCounterNumber of Read service calls made to the OPC UA server.
opcua_subscriptionsGaugeNumber of data variables currently subscribed to.
opcua_history_readsCounterNumber of HistoryRead calls made to the OPC UA server.
opcua_browse_operationsCounterNumber of Browse service calls made to the OPC UA server.
opcua_attribute_request_failuresCounterNumber of times calls to the Read service has failed.
opcua_history_read_failuresCounterNumber of times calls to the HistoryRead service has failed.
opcua_browse_failuresCounterNumber of times calls to the Browse service has failed.
opcua_bad_datapointsCounterNumber of data points with a Bad status code received from the server.
opcua_bad_eventsCounterNumber of events skipped due to bad fields.


opcua_start_timeGaugeStart time for the extractor, in milliseconds since 1/1/1970
opcua_extractor_startingCounter1 if the extractor is in the process of starting, 0 otherwise.
opcua_tracked_assetsCounterNumber of OPC UA nodes that have been mapped to destination assets.
opcua_tracked_timeseriesCounterNumber of OPC UA nodes that have been mapped to destination time series.
opcua_num_pushesCounterIncrements by 1 for each push of data points and events to destinations.
opcua_streaming_delay_datapointsSummaryEstimated time it takes for data points to go from the source system to the extractor. Relies on clocks being synchronized between extractor machine and source machines.

With this, average time to CDF can be calculated as (1 / rate(opcua_num_pushes)) / 2 + opcua_streaming_delay_data
opcua_streaming_delay_eventsSummarySimilarly for events, time from source system to extractor. Note that this uses the Time property, which may be set by the server in some cases, or be generated in the past.
opcua_array_points_missedCounterNumber of points missed due to nodes reporting too large arrays.
opcuanode[node name]Gauge(s)The value of nodes in the OPC UA server hierarchy, if configured.


opcua_datapoints_pushed_cdfCounterNumber of data points pushed to CDF.
opcua_datapoint_pushes_cdfCounterNumber of times data points have been pushed to CDF.
opcua_datapoint_push_failures_cdfCounterNumber of failed pushes of data points to CDF.
opcua_events_pushed_cdfCounterNumber of events pushed to CDF.
opcua_event_pushes_cdfCounterNumber of times events have been pushed to CDF.
opcua_event_push_failures_cdfCounterNumber of failed pushes of events to CDF.
opcua_node_ensure_failures_cdfCounterNumber of times trying to create nodes in Clean or RAW have failed completely.
opcua_skipped_events_cdfCounterNumber of events skipped due to issues or because they already exist.
opcua_missing_timeseriesGaugeNumber of time series missing from CDF.
opcua_mismatched_timeseriesGaugeNumber of time series with wrong datatype in CDF relative to OPC UA.
extractor_utils_cdf_asset_requestsSummaryNumber and duration of asset requests to CDF.
extractor_utils_cdf_timeseries_requestsSummaryNumber and duration of time series requests to CDF.
extractor_utils_cdf_datapoint_requestsSummaryNumber and duration of data point requests to CDF.
extractor_utils_cdf_event_requestsSummaryNumber and duration of event requests to CDF.
extractor_utils_cdf_raw_requestsSummaryNumber and duration of raw requests to CDF.
extractor_utils_cdf_assets_skippedCounterNumber of assets skipped due to errors.
extractor_utils_cdf_timeseries_skippedCounterNumber of time series skipped due to errors.
extractor_utils_cdf_events_skippedCounterNumber of events skipped due to errors.
extractor_utils_cdf_login_requestsSummaryNumber and duration of requests to /login/status
extractor_utils_cdf_token_requestsSummaryNumber and duration of requests to /token/inspect
extractor_utils_cdf_datapointsCounterNumber of data points pushed to CDF by the utils.
extractor_utils_cdf_invalid_data_pointsCounterNumber of data points skipped due to bad timestamp.
cognite_sdk_fetch_incCounterNumber of POST/GET/… actions performed
cognite_sdk_fetch_error_incCounterNumber of errors on actions.
cognite_sdk_fetch_retry_incCounterNumber of retries on actions.
cognite_sdk_decode_error_incCounterDecoding data errors.
cogntie_sdk_fetch_latency_updateGaugeLatency on actions performed.


opcua_datapoint_pushes_influxCounterNumber of times data points have been pushed to influxdb.
opcua_datapoints_pushed_influxCounterNumber of data points pushed to influxdb.
opcua_datapoint_push_failures_influxCounterNumber of failed pushes of data points to influxdb.
opcua_skipped_datapoints_influxCounterNumber of data points that have been skipped while pushing to influxdb.
opcua_event_pushes_influxCounterNumber of times events have been pushed to influxdb.
opcua_events_pushed_influxCounterNumber of events pushed to influxdb.
opcua_event_push_failures_influxCounterNumber of failed pushes of events to influxdb.
opcua_events_skipped_influxCounterNumber of events that have been skipped while pushing to influxdb.


opcua_created_assets_mqttCounterNumber of assets sent by the MQTT pusher.
opcua_created_timeseries_mqttCounterNumber of time series sent by the MQTT pusher.
opcua_datapoints_pushed_mqttCounterNumber of data points sent by the MQTT pusher.
opcua_datapoint_pushes_mqttCounterNumber of times data points have been sent by the MQTT pusher.
opcua_skipped_datapoints_mqttCounterNumber of data points skipped by the MQTT pusher.
opcua_events_pushed_mqttCounterNumber of events sent by the MQTT pusher.
opcua_event_pushes_mqttCounterNumber of times events have been sent by the MQTT pusher,.
opcua_skipped_events_mqttCounterNumber of events skipped by the MQTT pusher due to invalid data.
opcua_created_relationships_mqttCounterNumber of relationships sent by the MQTT pusher.

History, State Store and Failure Buffer

opcua_frontfill_data_pointsCounterNumber of data points retrieved through frontfill.
opcua_frontfill_data_countCounterNumber of frontfill data points requests to OPC UA server.
opcua_backfill_data_pointsCounterNumber of data points retrieved through backfill.
opcua_backfill_data_countCounterNumber of backfill data points requests to OPC UA server.
opcua_frontfill_eventsCounterNumber of events retrieved through frontfill.
opcua_frontfill_events_countCounterNumber of frontfill events requests to OPC UA server.
opcua_backfill_eventsCounterNumber of events retrieved through backfill.
opcua_backfill_events_countCounterNumber of backfill events requests to OPC UA server.
opcua_buffer_num_pointsGaugeNumber of data points stored in buffer.
opcua_buffer_num_eventsGaugeNumber of events stored in buffer.
extractor_utils_restore_statesCounterNumber of states retrieved from state store.
extractor_utils_restore_countCounterNumber of times states have been retrieved from state store.
extractor_utils_store_statesCounterNumber of states stored in state store.
extractor_utils_store_countCounterNumber of times states have been written to state store.

Native Prometheus

dotnet_total_memory_bytesGaugeNumber of bytes of allocated memory
dotnet_collection_count_totalCounterNumber of GC calls, grouped by generation.
process_cpu_seconds_totalCounterTotal number of CPU seconds used by the process.
process_num_threadsGaugeCurrent threads in use by the process.
process_open_handlesGaugeCurrent open handles.
process_open_fdsGaugeCurrent open file descriptors.
process_private_memory_bytesGaugeCurrent private memory bytes.
process_resident_memory_bytesGaugeCurrent resident memory bytes.
process_virtual_memory_bytesGaugeCurrent virtual memory.
process_working_set_bytesGaugeCurrent working set.
process_start_time_secondsGaugeStart time in unix time seconds.
push_time_secondsGaugeTime in unix time seconds data was last pushed to the Prometheus pushgateway.