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Hardware and server requirements


The hardware requirements of the OPC Classic extractor depend on the configuration and server size.


The extractor replicates the entire server in memory, and will buffer up to a few minutes of data points and events at a time. Running the extractor against a small server should take no more than 100 MB of memory, while running against a larger server (>100k tags) might take as much as 2-3 GB. If the server is relatively small, a VM with a single core and 1 GB of memory should be sufficient.


For most cases, a single CPU core is sufficient for the extractor.


The extractor must run on a Windows machine with COM+ enabled.


The extractor writes log files to disk. This should usually not take up much space.

CDF Capabilities

The extractor needs the following CDF capabilities on the given data set:

  • timeseries:read, timeseries:write
  • extractionpipelines:read, extractionruns:write, extractionconfigs:read for extraction pipelines and remote configuration.
  • assets:read, assets:write if metadata-sinks.clean.assets is set.
  • raw:read, raw:write, raw:list if state-store is set to use CDF Raw.
  • datasets:read, if using dataset-external-id.
  • projects:list, and groups:list