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OPC Classic extractor command-line arguments

The table below describes the OPC Classic extractor command-line arguments.

--config-file|-fOverride location of the YAML configuration file. This can be a relative or absolute path.
--log-level|-lSet the console log level. Valid options are verbose, debug, information, warning, and error.
--working-dir|-wSet the working directory of the extractor. The default value is the current directory for standalone, or one level above the executable file for the service version.
--log-dirSet the path to log files to enable logging to file.
--service|-sRequired when starting the extractor as a service. This option won't start the extractor as a service on its own, but makes the necessary modifications when it is called by Windows.
--versionShow the current extractor version.
-?|--h|--helpShow the available command line options.