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What's new?

This article documents the ongoing releases of the Cognite DB extractor.

Cognite DB extractor 2.5.0

This release contains support for remote configuration files stored in CDF.

Set type: remote at the top of your configuration file, and specify only the cognite section, including an extraction pipeline ID. The configuration files will be fetched from CDF on startup.

  • The extractor now stores state during long-running queries.

  • Support for setting a data set ID on missing time series.

  • Several minor bug fixes.

Cognite DB extractor 2.0.0

This major release of the DB Extractor brings many improvements in stability, observability, and maintainability.

  • New and improved configuration format with easier setup, support for multiple databases in a single configuration file, and consistent with other extractors, such as the Cognite PI Extractor.

  • Improved resilience to errors and database outages. One failing query will not affect other running or scheduled queries.

  • Improved metrics for reporting and logging.

  • Better handling of interrupts and shutdowns.

  • Overall stability improvements.