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Explore CDF resources

Use the CDF Data explorer to find, validate, and learn about the data you need to build solutions. Browse through all the available resource types in your CDF project, then drill into details and related resources, for example, assets and time series with live data, interactive P&IDs, 3D, and mapped events.

You need these capabilities to use the Data Explorer:

  • resources:read
  • events:read
  • files:read

Get started

To open the Data explorer, navigate to and select Data explorer. On the Data explorer page, all the resource types have a separate tab where you can search on any part of the name, description, or the external ID of a file or an asset.

  • Click the Filter button to narrow down the search with filters relevant for the selected resource type.

  • In the search result, select an element to see all its details and related resource types.