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Limits and restrictions

This section outlines the default data modeling limits for a CDF project and the values that are reserved for internal Cognite use.


If you need to increase limits for a CDF project, contact Cognite support.


NameMaximum value
Container properties100
View versions100
View properties100
Levels of nested views ("implements")10
Data models100
Data model versions100
Data model views100
Total properties25,000
Live instances5,000,000
Soft deleted instances10,000,000
Concurrent instance apply operations4
Concurrent instance delete operations2
Concurrent instance query operations4

1 The limit includes the number of versions per model. If you have 100 views, each with 100 versions, you have consumed 10,000 views.

Reserved values

We've reserved some property values for Cognite internal use and to prevent GraphQL issues. You can't use the reserved values in your data models.

Views and containers

For views and containers, we reserve these values:

  • For externalId:

    Boolean, Date, Float32, Float64, Float, Int32, Int64, Int, JSONObject, Mutation, Numeric, PageInfo, Query, String, Subscription, TimeSeries, File, Sequence, and Timestamp.

  • For properties:

    createdTime, deletedTime, edge_id, extensions, externalId, lastUpdatedTime, node_id, project_id, property_group, seq, space, version, and tg_table_name.


For spaces, we reserve these values:

  • For space:

    cdf, dms, edge, node, pg3, shared, space, mapping, system, constraint, edge_source, history, identifier_by_space, index, node_source, project, property_group_constraint, property_group_index, property_group, property_group, property, and version_info.