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A production-ready package for InField. The cdf_infield package supports loading data from RAW tables and can also be combined with a number of data pipelines.

This module has no example data.

See Setting up InField for more information.

CDF_INFIELDProduction-ready package for InField.
cdf_auth_readwrite_all 1Default access group for the cdf-tk tool.
cdf_apm_base 2Basic data models for Asset Performance Management (APM) projects, including InField and Maintain.
cdf_infield_common 2Common configurations for InField that are only needed once per CDF project.
cdf_infield_location 2,3Per location configurations necessary when setting up a new location for InField.

1 Common, shared, CDF-project wide module.
2 Module that defines a distinct capability or feature.
3 Module with example data. Copy and use as starting point for new modules