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Setting up InField with the CDF Toolkit

Follow the steps in this article to set up InField with the CDF Toolkit.

  1. Install and configure the CDF Toolkit.

  2. Make sure that you have allowlisted the necessary URLs on your firewall.

  3. If necessary, contact Cognite Support to enable sign-in to InField.

  4. Collect the IDs for the identity provider (IdP) groups that you will use to control access to InField.

  5. In config.<env>.yaml, replace the <change_me> values with the IdP group IDs you collected, to use them as source_ids for the relevant CDF groups:

    readwrite_source_id: <change_me>
    readonly_source_id: <change_me>
    infield_location_checklist_admin_users_source_id: <change_me>
    infield_location_normal_users_source_id: <change_me>
    infield_location_template_admin_users_source_id: <change_me>
    infield_location_viewer_users_source_id: <change_me>

    See InField groups for an overview of the groups that will be created in CDF.

  6. Configure, build, and deploy the cdf_demo_infield package or the cdf_infield package (no sample data) as described in Configure, build, and deploy CDF modules.

InField groups

The group names are suggestions only. Each group in the identity provider is bound to a corresponding group in CDF by setting the sourceId parameter of the CDF group to the group ID in the identity provider.

cdf_tk_<dev>_readwrite_allProgrammatic access to provision and update services in the <dev> environment. Neccessary for running the toolkit.
cdf_tk_<dev>_readonly_allProgrammatic access to list or read services in the dev environment. Useful for manually inspecting toolkit runs in the CDF user interface.
Per location:
infield_<dev>_application_configurationUsers who can view the InField configuration in the built-in user interface across all locations in dev.
infield_<dev>_<location>_checklist_adminsAdmin users for checklists in location <location> in environment <dev>.
infield_<dev>_<location>_normal_usersRegular users for checklists in location <location> in environment <dev>.
infield_<dev>_<location>_template_adminsAdmin users for templates in location <location> in environment <dev>.
infield_<dev>_<location>_viewersUsers who can view, but not change, checklists in location <location> in environment <dev>.

Locations are typically used to distinguish between different sites, plants, geographical locations, or systems.

Moving from Open Industrial Data (OID) to your own data

If you have used the cdf_demo_infield package to deploy the default InField setup with sample data from Open Industrial Data (OID), you can modify the configuration to use your organization's data instead. Use one of these methods:

  • Copy the cdf_oid_example_data module from cognite_modules to custom_modules, rename it (remove the _cdf__ prefix). Then update the configuration to use own .csv files, engineering diagrams, etc. before you deploy.


  • Set up an extraction pipeline for each of the data types to feed live data into CDF. You can find an example pipeline in the examples/cdf_data_pipeline_asset_valhall module.