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Intro to data modeling (1 min)

Data modeling makes it easier for developers, data architects, business analysts, and other stakeholders to view and understand relationships between data objects.

Resource types

A data model organizes data objects and standardizes the properties of real-world entities and how they relate to one another. Data models are the core of an ontology, a knowledge graph, or an industry standard and are crucial in building solutions like data science models, mobile apps, and web apps.

In Cognite Data Fusion (CDF), data models collect industrial data by resource types that let you define the data elements, specify their properties, and model the relationships between them. The different resource types are used to both store and organize data.

In this short data modeling course, you will learn how to work with data models in CDF:

  1. Create a data model
  2. Populate a data model
  3. Query a data model

If you want to follow the steps in the next units hands-on, the next topic explains how you can upload the sample demo data we've used throughout these data modeling articles to your CDF project.