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Configure access to data models

This article describes how to configure access to data models in CDF.

In CDF you use capabilities to define access to different features to CDF. You can learn about how they work in CDF here. If you cannot modify these settings, please reach out to your IT administrator.

Add data modeling capabilities to a group

  1. Navigate to the CDF portal application and select Manage and configure > Manage access.

  2. Navigate to the CDF group you want to add the capabilities to, click the three dots on the right, and select Edit.

  3. Select Add capability.

  4. In Capability type, select Data models.

  5. Choose if you would like to provide read or write access.

  6. Under Actions, select Check all to add global access to the group and then select Save.


    You can also scope the access to a list of spaces. By specifying the spaces, you can limit access to just data models and/or instances that exists within the specified spaces.

Add data access capabilities to a group for data in data models

Repeat steps 3 to 5, but select Data model instances as the Capability type. Again, you can scope the access to a set of spaces, and specify if the user in the group should be able to read and/or write to the data.