Manage data kits

A data kit is a collection of data that powers a model or an application built on Cognite Data Fusion (CDF). In addition to data from CDF, a data kit includes quality requirements for the data it contains.

To specify different data quality requirements for different time series, you can group time series with similar requirements into sub-kits.

Data kits

With data kits, you can:

  • Specify data quality requirements for the data in the data kit, and continuously monitor that it meets those requirements. You can define different quality requirements for subsets of data within the data kit (sub-kits).
  • Manage data kits to see who their owners are and in which apps and models they're being used.

In this article:

Create a data kit

To create a data kit:

  1. In the left hand bar, select Data kits.

  2. Select + Create.

  3. Enter a name for your data kit and a description indicating what the data kit will be used for or what kind of data the kit includes.

  4. Select whether everyone can view or view & edit the data kit.

    Create data kit

  5. Select Create to create the kit.

  6. Group time series with similar data quality requirements into sub-kits, and add as many sub-kits as you need.

    To create a sub-kit and start adding data to your kit, select + Add new sub-kit.

  7. Search and filter to find the time series you want to add to your sub-kit.

  8. Select the time series that you want to add to your sub-kit.

    Add to data kit

  9. Click Add to kit.

  10. Click add more to add more time series, or go to kit to view the data in your kit.

You can now monitor the data quality of these time series. Learn how in our docs about data quality monitoring.

Last Updated: 2/2/2020, 5:26:31 PM