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Historic evaluation

AIR provides historic evaluation through our backfilling service. The service calls your function sequentially (meaning it will wait for each run to finish before calling the function the next time) until you decide backfilling is done.

  1. You have to enable backfill: True in the config.yaml. Backfilling gets triggered with every bump of the major or minor part of the version.
  2. You should use the cognite-air-sdk.

A typical backfilling job can look like this:

from cognite.air import AIRClient
from cognite.air.ts_utils import current_time_in_ms
from datetime import datetime, timezone

WINDOW_SIZE_MS = int(5 * 3600 * 1e3)
BACKFILLING_WINDOW_SIZE = = int(5 * 24 * 3600 * 1e3)

def handle(data, client, secrets):
air_client = AIRClient(data, client, secrets)
your_ts = air_client.retrieve_field("ts_ext_id")

# check if backfilling is in ongoing
if air_client.backfilling.in_progress:
# make sure that only backfilling job runs at a time
with air_client.backfilling.acquire_lock():
first_timestamp = your_ts.first().timestamp
start = air_client.backfilling.latest_timestamp or first_timestamp
# if end is larger than now, mark backfilling as completed and break
if start > current_time_in_ms():
operation(my_ts.external_id, start, end)
start = current_time_in_ms()
end = start + WINDOW_SIZE_MS
operation(my_ts.external_id, start, end)

def operation(my_ts_external_id, start, end)
dp = client.datapoints.retrieve(external_id=my_ts_external_id, start=start, end=end)
# some operation that is done with the data

The AIRClient is initiated and the fields, which are defined in the config.yaml, are retrieved. Then, the service checks if the backfilling is still in progress:

  • if it is not in progres, the code executes the rest where end resembles the current time in milliseconds.
  • if backfilling is still in progress, a lock is aquired to make sure that backfilling executions are happening sequentially.

Deciding where to start the backfilling is important. Once the start time is in the future, backfilling is done. After the essential operation, the backfilling timestamp needs to be updated which happens in the last two lines before the return statement.