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GitHub: Set up a new repository

This section shows the necessary steps to deploy a model in AIR.


Make sure that AIR has been enabled. Read more.

Step 1: Create a new repository to use the AIR template

  1. Create a new repository in the cognitedata organization in GitHub and under the Repository template option select the AIR template.

  2. When the repository has been created, use the git clone command to clone the new repository locally.

  3. Then use the cd command and switch into the project folder.

Step 2: Create a new development branch

  1. When the repository is created, use the command git checkout -b your_branch_name to create a new development branch.

Step 3: Deploy your model to your project

  1. Navigate to the repoconfig.yaml file in the root folder to set the correct values.
  2. Navigate to the project properties, and add a mapping with these values: PROJECT_NAME: ["PROJECT_URL", "PROJECT_NAME_API_KEY"].
  3. Under the ProjectFunctionMap write the name of the function that needs to be deployed and the project you wish to deploy the function to.

The PROJECT_NAME_API_KEY must be the same name as used in the secrets for your web-based Git repositories.

my-project: ['', 'MY_PROJECT_API_KEY']
- my-project

You are now ready to create your first function! Read more about functions.