# GitHub: Set up a new repository

This section shows the necessary steps to deploy a model in AIR.


Make sure that AIR has been enabled.

In this article:

# Step 1: Use the AIR template

  1. Create a new repository in cognitedata GitHub and select the AIR template. Locate tags by search or scan

  2. Clone the new repo via git clone and cd into the project folder.

# Step 2: Set up your repository/project

  1. Create a new development branch with git checkout -b your_branch_name.

  2. Navigate to the repoconfig.yaml file in the root folder.

  3. Under the project properties, add a mapping with these values: PROJECT_NAME: ["PROJECT_URL", "PROJECT_NAME_API_KEY"]. Under the ProjectFunctionMap write the name of the function that needs to be deployed and the project you wish to deploy to.

The PROJECT_NAME_API_KEY needs to be the same as it was set up in the secrets for your web-based Git repositories.

  my-project: ['https://api.cognitedata.com', 'MY_PROJECT_API_KEY']
    - my-project

You are now ready to create your first function! Read more about it in the next step.

Last Updated: 11/2/2021, 7:56:54 AM