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About AIR

Cognite Automatic Identification and Reporting (AIR) is a data science workflow that enables data scientists to build scalable models and streamline their interaction with their end-users.

AIR runs on top of CDF which collects and contextualizes data from a wide range of sources.

Data scientists develop code in GitHub that's deployed to Cognite Functions. AIR takes care of deployment, scheduling, notifications, feedback loop, and integration. Furthermore, AIR provides tools that speed up the model development process.

In short, you can use AIR to:

  • Go from calendar-based monitoring to event-based monitoring
  • Empower subject matter experts to configure and re-configure monitoring models
  • Enhance collaboration between subject matter experts and model developers
  • Enable continuous improvement of monitoring models
  • Give model developers an easy-to-use framework to develop tailored models
  • Integrate monitoring models from other system vendors