# Manage access for users Deprecated


We are deprecating authentication via CDF service accounts and API keys in favor of registering applications and services with your IdP (identity provider) and using OpenID Connect and the IdP framework to manage CDF access securely. We strongly encourage customers to adopt the new authentication flows as soon as possible.

To give users access to data in applications such as Asset Data Insight and Operation Support, we recommend that you set up your Identity Provider (for example, Microsoft's Azure Active Directory) to work with Cognite Data Fusion.

# Give access to Azure AD users

To allow users to use their Azure AD identity to sign in to CDF, you need to connect CDF to Azure AD.

  1. Follow these steps to Configure CDF to use Azure Active Directory as the Identity Provider.

  2. Follow these steps to Create a group and link it to an Azure AD group. When you create the group, you specify which data the members of the group should have access to.

  3. Add the relevant users to the linked group in Azure AD.

Users can now navigate to fusion.cognite.com (opens new window) and sign in to CDF with their Azure AD username and password.

Last Updated: 4/6/2021, 11:08:52 AM