# Introducing live reusable data quality metrics

After we released the first version of time series data quality monitoring, we've seen an unprecedented demand for ensuring that time series data is continuously reliable.

It's important for end users of apps and dashboards to know when they can -- and importantly when they cannot -- rely on data to make operational decisions. That means that you as a data scientist or application developer need to communicate to the end user what the data quality status is.

You can now easily report live data quality status in dashboards and applications using our data quality monitoring service. The monitoring service creates live data quality metrics, available as time series in Cognite Data Fusion, that you can display in your application -- ensuring that end users know the quality of the data that they are using.

Try it out! Learn more in our guide to report data quality status in apps and dashboards.

To enable this in your project the service account used by the data quality monitoring service needs to be updated. Go to quality monitoring in Console and follow the instructions on the banner. Note: You need IAM capabilities to do this

Enable data quality monitoring metrics

BONUS UPDATE: Additionally, you can now efficiently troubleshoot data quality alerts in the app through our updated UI. Quickly see which time series break which rules, explore the historical time series data, and click through to find more details about the data set that the time series belongs to.

Data quality monitoring incidents view