# Sequences

With the new core sequences resource type we introduce support for storing log and tabular data in CDF. Typical use cases for sequences include:

  • Storing a log based on distance or depth, with information in columns of different types for each entry.
  • Storing and retrieving an entire performance curve with an x-y dependency.

# Feature highlights

  • Store numerically indexed rows, where each row is represented by multiple columns.
  • Support for different types of values for each column: integer, floating-point or string.
  • Store metadata related to each column individually, allowing you to relate information such as units, source/origin of the value.
  • Store up to 200 columns.
  • Contextualize sequences by relating them to the physical world and connect them to your existing assets.
  • Use externalId to maintain the relation with your source systems.

To learn more about sequences, see the concept guide.

Sequences are available through CDF API v1, the Postman collection, and our official SDKs: Python SDK 1.3.0 (opens new window) or JavaScript SDK 2.5.0 (opens new window)


If you have been using sequences in API 0.6, read the migration guide.