# About Cognite BestDay

Cognite BestDay runs on top of Cognite Data Fusion (CDF) and is a central hub for decision support, providing a more continuous, data-driven approach to production optimization in your day-to-day operations. Detect and assess deviations and underperformance and act to boost production and reduce production losses by knowing your maximum achievable production and use it as a baseline for visualizing inefficiencies.

Cognite BestDay gives access to real-time and historical data, where different disciplines and shifts can have one common collaboration platform for decision making, knowing and understanding the production targets, be notified on abnormalities, log actions, as well as adding comments to the data and time ranges discussed.

BestDay overview

# Maximum production capacity

To optimize production, you need to know your maximum production capacity to have an objective and comparable baseline-calculation across assets. The full calculation with criterias and constraints provides transparency to the operator and production engineer around their production targets.

BestDay calculates your maximum production capacity based on your:

  • historical actual production and experienced deferments
  • defined criteria or production constraints, for instance, regulatory constraints for the allowed concentration of oil in disposed water or the power consumption per produced barrel.

BestDay uses a statistical approach with configurable conditions and constraints and provides transparency into the calculations on different network levels from wells to topside processing facilities. Configurable data science models identify production deviations and search scheduled deferments to propose potential links or explanations.

What´s next:

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